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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Our Vision

At Mk Placements, our vision is to become the largest provider of Quality Man Power to facilitate growth and prosperity of business. We believe in continued growth and increasing the value of our company and service by providing the opportunity for businesses to work with highly motivated individuals. We strive to be recognized as the Preferred Resource partner to our clients.

Our Mission

MK Placements. you will be guided in all aspects of business by its mission statements:



Mk Placements employees are the company's most valuable contributors.  MK Placements will respect all employees and will foster, encourage and reward teamwork self-improvement, creativity, continued learning and professionalism. Ultimately, the existence, success and client satisfaction of the company is directly related to the employees. MK Placements Human Resources recognizes this and will make it a top priority to ensure that employees are constantly challenged and reach their personal and professional goals.



MK Placement's success as a company can only be measured by client satisfaction. It is the company's mandate to provide human resource recruitment and placement services in the most effective and efficient possible manner.



Teamwork is a keystone of MK Placement's culture and values. We will welcome and respect all team members' contribution and take in pride and respect all co–workers.



MK Placements can only be successful if its candidates are the best fits possible for the local opportunities. MK Placements works for to ensure that candidates are satisfied with cultural integration, working conditions and the opportunity to reach their personal and financial goals.



MK Placements will conduct business in the most professional and fair possible manner. We will always do what we say and let nothing compromise our honesty and professionalism in serving and representing our clients and candidates.



Financial measures are key to determining the effectiveness of our services to clients. Profitability is required to continue providing excellent service to our clients as well as grow the company and add economic benefit and value to all stakeholders.



Return on Trust

Interpersonal trust is developed through the use of very specific behaviors that demonstrate our competence, integrity, value for relationships, and dependability. Client  trust is developed through the use of sound, common-sense business practices that align with our organization’s values,  prioritize the value of human worth in the workplace, foster transparency and accountability, and emphasize on Client loyalty and retention.